Buyers Agent Representation is FREE to you! We are here to help you identify new properties the moment they come on the market by setting you up on a FREE personalized website that meets your specific criteria and needs. Once you find any homes that you are interested in,  we will set up appointments to show you those properties. Once we find the right home, we will advise and guide you on the best offer to make, negotiate that offer and help you through due diligence and contract phase to get your property closed! We also have a list of recommended vendors such as lenders, inspectors and closing attorneys to help with the process.

REMEMBER that the listing agent represents the Seller and the Seller pays all commissions. In other words, the Seller pays to have the Buyers Agent sell their homes. The brokerage commissions are negotiated at the time of listing. If there is no Buyer Agent representation, the Listing Broker keeps all brokerage commissions.

Disclaimer: Georgia Real Estate Law requires a buyer to have a statement in writing of their desire to hire an agent to represent them. Otherwise, the agent represents the Seller who is paying their commission and cannot offer any advice or guidance to the Buyer and is not obligated to keep any information confidential.


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